Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Why Essential Oils Belong on the Bottom of Your Feet

In the world of essential oils, aromatherapy and reflexology, you learn something new each day. If you're into essential oils like I am, something you might not have realized is that they deliver oh so much more when rubbed on your feet.

Okay so I like a good foot massage like everyone else. But I thought it's because it just feels so darn good! Alas, it's also good for your body when used in reflexology massages as well!

Apparently, the bottom of your feet will transmit the precious essential oil compounds through your bloodstream within 20 minutes! There are 4 other reasons to use them on your feet as well.

For the rest of the Living Traditionally article, visit their post 5 Reasons to Put Essential Oils on the Bottom of Your Feet.

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